NishiTokyoShi Library Usage Guidance

Chuo Library has been closed until March 31st, 2022 because of construction.
Please call 042-465-0823 for more information.

NishiTokyoShi has six libraries for you to enjoy books, magazines, newspapers and other reading material. You may borrow the books for free by using your library card.
Library cards are free for residents, employee and students of NishiTokyoShi, and residents of its surrounding areas: KodairaShi, HigashimurayamaShi, KiyoseShi, HigashikurumeShi, MusashinoShi, MitakaShi, KoganeiShi, NerimaKu and NiizaShi.

How to get a library card

  • To apply for your library card, please bring valid identification such as; Special Permanent Resident Certification, Driver’s License, Health Insurance Card or Student ID.
  • Fill out the application form. Your personal information will be used only for library administrations. Please inform the library for changes on your address or phone number.
  • You will need to renew your library card every five years.

Borrowing library materials

  • You will need your library card, and check out the books through one of the self check-out machines.
  • You may borrow a total of 30 books, magazines and picture story shows at one time. You may also borrow three CDs and cassette tapes at one time.

Loan period

  • You may check out most library items for two weeks, although there are some items that may not be borrowed or checked out for more than one day.

Renewing loans

  • You may renew your loans once for each item, for another two weeks. Please bring your library card and the loaned materials on renewal.
  • Loans cannot be extended in the following instances:

*When you have an overdue item
*The item is being reserved by another member
*CDs and cassette tapes
*Reference materials

Returning loans

  • Library card is not needed.
  • For books and magazines borrowed from Chuo, Hoya Ekimae, Yato, Yagisawa and Hibarigaoka library, you may return the materials using the automatic returning machine
  • For materials borrowed from Shibakubo library, please return them to the counter.
  • You may return the materials through the Book Post when the library is closed. Note: Some books and CDs may not be returned through the Book Post.
  • Book Posts are available at all libraries, at the north exit of Hoya station (at the bottom of stairs), at the ticket gate of Higashifushimi station (right-hand side when you get out of the gate), at the entrance of Hoya government office and at the Shinmachi Fukushi Kaikan.

Regarding loan overdue

  • You may not be able to borrow or reserve items when seven days has passed from your due date.

Handling of loaned material

  • Please handle the library materials with care. You will be hold responsible for any damage on the loaned materials

Reserving items

  • You can search/place items on hold through the search machine at the libraries or on the website. Please contact the librarian for any questions.
  • You may also place a hold on items that are currently being checked out. You may hold up to a total of 30 books and three CDs.
  • When the item become available, you will be notified either by email, telephone (you may also choose to not be notified). Please come to the library to pick up the item within a week of the item becomes available, or your reservation will be canceled.

What you can do on our website

Homepage: http://www.library.city.nishitokyo.lg.jp

You will need a password to login. Please show your library card to the librarian to get your password.

Search for items: You can search for items by entering the title, author or keyword by clicking either the “Simple Search” “Search for items” or “Detailed Search” button.
Place a hold on items
(login necessary):
You can place a hold on items from the search result. Select the item, then click “place a hold” for every item you wish to borrow. Make sure all the items are selected in “place a hold” list, then select your notification method and the library where you wish to come and pick up the items. Then click “Place a hold”.
If you wish to borrow a series of books in order, please register to do so after placing a hold.
User Menu
(login necessary):
You can check your checked-out items and hold status.
1. Status of your checked items: Get a list of checked items and their due dates. You may also extend your due date if no one is waiting for the item.
2. Status of your hold items: Check status on your hold items. You may also change the notification method or the library you wish to pick up the items from, or cancel a hold.
3. Change password: You may change your password either on the website or with the search machine in library. The password must be less than ten letters and numbers. You may use uppercase or lowercase for password.
4. Register/update email: To be able to select email when placing a hold on items, you may need to register your email address. Please set your email address to enable to receive emails from the library (@city.nishitokyo.lg.jp)


  • Books, picture books and newspapers in English, Korean and Chinese are available at Nishitokyo library.
  • You may use the search engines in our computers in Chuo, Hoya Ekimae, Yagisawa and Hibarigaoka libraries. To use this service please show your library card or your ID. (For elementary school students or younger, you may come with a parent or guardian or have them sign the pplication form.)
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at Chuo, Hoya Ekimae, Yagisawa and Hibarigaoka libraries.

Library Hours

Chuo, Hoya Ekimae, Yagisawa and Hibarigaoka: 10am - 8pm on Tuesday thru Friday,
10am - 6pm on weekends and holidays.
Shibakubo and Yato: 10am - 6pm on Tuesday thru Sunday.


Chuo, Hoya Ekimae, Yagisawa and Hibarigaoka: Mondays, every third Friday of the month, New Year holidays and during special inventory.
  *Open on holidays
  *If a holiday falls on a Monday, the library will be closed the following Tuesday.
Shibakubo and Yato: Mondays, Holidays, New Year holidays and during special inventory.
  *If a holiday falls on a Monday, the library will be closed the following Tuesday.
  *If the holiday falls on a Sunday the library will be open on that day, but will be closed on the following Monday and Tuesday.

Book Service

Shinmachi Welfare Center: Service available on Tuesday thru Saturday, 10am - 5pm.
Service is closed on Sundays, Mondays, Holidays, New Year Holidays, and on the following Tuesday when Monday is a holiday.

What you can do: Borrow items which has been put on hold, return items, and use search machine to find items.

Address: 5-2-7 Shinmachi
Higashi Fushimi Fureai Plaza: Service available on Tuesday thru Friday, 10am - 7pm.
Service is closed on Mondays, New Year Holidays, and on the following Tuesday when Monday is a holiday.

What you can do: Borrow items which has been put on hold, return items, and use search machine to find items.

Address: 4-33-15 Fujimachi